Refrigerator Salad

Refrigerator Salad

Sometimes you just have to eat leftovers. But they do not have to taste like leftovers!

This was a very quick salad, mixed with a lemon olive oil dressing in a flash. If you have left over vegetables in your fridge- quick make this salad before they go to waste!

refrigerator salad 2


Refrigerator leftovers I had on hand:

green beans


shredded carrots

fresh parsley

I added one can each of chickpeas and black beans. Mix in a large bowl.

Make Dressing:

1/4 to 1/3 cup lemon infused olive oil (available at Crow River Winery)

1 tablespoon of your favorite vinegar- try one of these:

Balsamic, pear, champagne, or red wine.

Salt and pepper to taste

fresh lemon zest if you have some



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