Ideas from the Holidays

Holiday Ideas

Entertaining for the holidays can be easy if you plan and prepare ahead. This year it was a simple cocoa bar theme with candy cane marshmallow stir sticks, chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream in can, chocolate syrup, holiday sprinkles, mint marshmallows, mint chips, holiday M & M’s to top your cup of hot cocoa with. Keep it in a crockpot for easy serving. Offer water and also a holiday punch. The one pictured is just cranberry juice and soda with some fresh cranberries that were frozen.

entire cocoa barcandcane stir sticks

A holiday table is easy to do with some fresh cranberries, greenery cut from outside and a few floating candles dressed with a set if mini battery lights.

cranberry evergreen lights

By keeping it simple you don’t have to sweat it. Print out all labels well in advance and prepare as early as you can. Organize all serving dishes down to the serving pieces and it will be a snap!hot cocoa bar


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