Avocado and Jalapeno Dip

avocado jalapeno dip

Avocado & Jalapeno Dip

Using up garden produce at the end of the season is always fun. I used my recently pickled jalapenos in this recipe.


3 nice and ripe avocados, chopped

1 large clove garlic, minced

2 cobs of corn (cooked) cut off cob

1 small red onion or 2 large shallots finely chopped

1/4 cup pickled jalapenos, finely chopped

1/4 cup real mayonnaise (or make your own)

1/4 cup sour cream

1/2 lime juiced


Put all ingredients, except corn in bowl, mash avocados and mix well. Add corn. Add sour cream and mayo. Add more if needed. Store in tightly covered container in fridge for up to one week. Garnish with a red pickled jalapeno, or chopped red pepper.

Serve with large  tortilla chips (the scoop type work well, pictured above)


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