Growing Celery for Fun

Growing Celery From a Bunch!!

I found this idea online and tried it last year and it worked pretty good! I am growing celery again and it so nice to have some freshly chopped pieces in egg salad, tuna salad, or all kinds of salads!!

celery sprouting

You can grow celery from the leftover end of a bunch of celery you have already used. The end of the celery should be about 3-4 inches tall. Set it with the flat side down in a dish of water filled to about 1/2 up to top of celery bunch. Let it sit in the water until you start seeing some growth out of the middle. The first thing to appear are small leaves, let them grow for about 7-10 days.  The photo has several bunch ends set into a milk carton bottom.

celery first sprouts

Next step is to pot this growing leaf bunch! Using potting soil in a medium sized pot, put the growing celery bunch into the pot until it is almost to the top of bunch. Look at the picture, it should be covered approximately this much. Then  water to keep it moist but not soaking wet. Water again when you stick your finger in the soil and it is slightly dry. Start  to harvest the stems when they get to be around 4 inches tall. If you let them grow too long, they flop over the container. It is really fun to watch the celery grow. As the older pieces around the newly growing plant start to fade, take those off and put into your compost pail.


Eventually all stalks will be out of the stem and look like they are not doing so well. At this point you might as well start a new stalk as those older stems will not keep producing .

Plant another bunch closer to about the planting time the middle or end of May and then give it a try outdoors by placing it in the dirt the same depth as you would in the pot. Give it some mulch around the side and as the stalks grow, keep mulching or put tires around to keep the stalks growing long.


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