Rainbow Chard with Yogurt Sauce

I just picked a bunch of chard and found this sauce recipe that goes wonderful with it!

This recipe serves 2, but just add more chard and double sauce for more. Pretty forgiving recipe, cook what you need and add sauce.

Swiss Chard with Yogurt Sauce

8 ounces of Rainbow (or green)  chard stems cut into chunks, cut some leaves up too

salt- either sea or celtic

2 large garlic cloves

Olive oil

1 heaping tablespoon of tahini  sauce

1/3 cup or more of Greek yogurt, regular plain flavor

2 teaspoons or more of toasted sesame seeds

1 teaspoon garlic flakes

optional: lemon, parsley

Bring a shallow skillet filled half way with water. Add some salt, olive oil and 1 garlic clove and the chard stems. Simmer until stems are tender. Test with a fork. Add leaves. Do not cook the leaves they will blanch in the hot water in a minute. Then drain in a colander for a few minutes, toss with olive oil and season with salt and fresh cracked black pepper.

To make the sauce: Pound the other garlic clove in a mortar on press with knife on a cutting board with 1/4 teaspoon of salt until it is mushy. Put in bowl, add tahini paste and yogurt.

Add sesame seeds. Put the yogurt sauce on top. Squeeze some lemon on and sprinkle some chopped parsley on top. Yummy!


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