Blueberry Salad Dressing with Salad…of course

I bought a large amount of blueberries this weekend and need to make something quick. So being it is too hot to cook, I had a salad supper.

Blueberry Dressing:

6 oz plain Greek yogurt

2 tbsp honey

3 oz blueberries

1 tbsp lemon juice

Pinch of salt


Put all the ingredients into a blender or food processor.

Puree until nice and smooth.

As yogurts and blueberries vary in flavor, adjust the dressing to taste. If it is too sweet, add a little lemon juice, or if too sour, some honey, adding about a teaspoon at a time of either until the dressing is balanced.  Also, if the flavors seem flat, add a tiny bit more salt.

The dressing will keep for up to 5 days refrigerated. Just let it return to room temperature and give it a very good stir before serving.

Best with just a drizzle on top of some greens, fresh blueberries, some whole almonds and a bit cheese. Try Blue, goat, feta, Parmesan.


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