Melon and Jicama Slaw

Tangy Melon and Jicama Slaw

Try this quick salad for a summer time meal

Sweet melon and jicama take center stage in this delicious salad.

4 tablespoons finely chopped shallots
4 tablespoons chopped fresh mint (about 12 sprigs)
1/4 cup cider vinegar
2 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 small Asian pear, cut into large matchsticks
1/2 seedless cucumber, cut into large matchsticks
1 cup shredded jicama (if you cannot find this then use cabbage)
1 1/2 cups melon, cut into small cubes

1. Whisk the shallots, mint, vinegar, honey, salt, and pepper together in a medium bowl.

2. Add pear, cucumber, jicama, and melon.

3. Toss well to coat and serve immediately.


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