Keeping Rabbits out of the garden



Keeping rabbits out of the garden. Rabbits are one of the biggest horticulturists problem. 

Without fences, traps, poisons or shooting this is pretty much impossible. 

There are many products out there that will cost you a fortune, but if you are against any other measures listed above,  you will have to deal with the loss of plants.

Here is what rabbits like to eat, just in case you do not know. 

Young tender plants, including veggies, perennials and they love clover. In the vegetable garden rabbits prefer peas, beans and beets. In general they will not eat corn, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers or potatoes. Though I have had a rabbit “taste” a newly planted tomato plant, biting the stem in two then deciding it was not to his liking and leaving the stem on the ground. Even having some clover in your lawn will help as they will choose that over some of the rest the plants. 

They create nests in open places, favoring tall grass.

Go ahead try bad smelling products from your local garden center. Netting is another thing you can do to cover the rows. There is no product that has a 100 percent guarantee. 

Set up a rabbit feeding station with cracked corn, sunflower seeds and greens so they will go for the easy food first. 

 Fencing is actually one solution that works well and is permanent.  Trapping and removal are the best long term solution. Make sure the holes in the mesh are small enough that the rabbits cannot get into. 

If you happen to have a dog it may help protect the rabbits from staying too long. 

You can make your garden less attractive to rabbits by reducing or eliminating woodpiles, brush piles, overgrown shrubbery, or naturalized areas and by cleaning up seeds that fall to the ground under bird feeders.

Some people claim to get results using odor repellents such as moth balls, blood meal or predator urine. Place them on the ground around the perimeter of the plants. They must be renewed periodically. Many Internet sources sell products containing or simulating predator urine as nuisance animal repellents. Various kinds of animal urine are sometimes available at sporting goods stores in the hunting department. Hunters often use them as lures or scent covers.

Some gardeners have told said that the Russian sage bush with the branches laid around will keep them away. 

Keeping wood piles down, and debris for hiding and nesting rabbits is another good way to help eliminate rabbits



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