Hydrangea Tray

Tools and Materials
Bunch of hydrangeas
Parchment paper
Phone book
Decorative paper or fabric
Small tray
Glass, cut slightly smaller than tray size

Hydrangea Tray How-To
1. Clip floret and leaves off a hydrangea bloom.

2. Place floret and leaves between two pieces of parchment paper; place floret and parchment in the pages of a phone book. Repeat with remaining florets and leaves. Let florets and leaves sit until they are dry, or until any moisture is gone, about a week.

3. Line the bottom of the tray with decorative paper or fabric and place dried hydrangeas and leaves on tray.

4. Cover dried hydrangeas and leaves with the glass.


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  1. moviesmusic says:

    that’s really pretty!

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