Home Emergency Kit


Emergency Kit

Do you have a kit ready if there is an emergency in your household?  Every home should have some type of readiness kit, in case of a disaster or power outage. A survey conducted by the American Red Cross showed that only 10 percent of families have an emergency plan or kit.
Assemble all the items in a plastic tote or some type of bag that is easily accessible to all.

Emergency Kit Contents:

Personal travel size toiletries
Lightweight flashlight with batteries inserted, check every month or so, to be sure they are not outdated.
Extra pair of eyeglasses for those who wear them
Whistle to signal for help
a few days of prescription medicine
a case of water, bottled
High protein, high calorie energy bars
a change of clothes for each family member
a small toy for any children in the household
family photo album for each member of the family
First aid kit
Lightweight battery radio
extra set of car, home, safety deposit keys
credit card and some cash
Copy of essential documents which include: birth certificates, tax returns for the past year, copies of drivers licenses, passports, and social security cards, credit cards copied on both sides, vehicle titles, insurance policies, and appraisals of valuables, the originals should be kept in a safe deposit box.
Candles and matches

Once you have assembled all these items together, then you need to stick to a routine for checking the box once a year and update items in the box. Check expiration dates and replace those items.
Keep  up to date with the documents. In the case of a tornado or fire, you may not have time to reach for the box, but if you keep it in a closet near the door, this could be grabbed on the way out.
Some bookstores have good information books  for preparing for natural and unnatural disasters
One is better to be prepared, than not. You will have peace of mind as well.
We do not like to think of disasters happening to our families, but this will be a life saver if it ever happens. Something as simple as a power outage happens often enough and if your flashlight and batteries are ready to go, you will be set until it comes back on.
A person could also invest in a generator, at least if the power goes out for a few hours, you can keep your sump pump running so flooding does not occur.


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